Custom Racks: More than 75% of the racks we manufacture are custom designed to meet our customer’s unique anodizing needs. We start by working with you, on site if necessary, to analyze the parts you need to anodize, production requirements, level of automation and technology. We’ll then develop a custom rack solution that will help you increase production and control your anodizing costs.  And, the cost per station of custom racks can often be LESS than trying to get by with a standard rack.

Master Frames - A Rack for Racks: High density racking for high production runs of small parts often presents particular difficulties.  In response, Servi-Sure developed an innovative rack for racks – the Servi-Sure Master Frame.  The Master Frame is a complete racking system, designed to maximize part density by holding individual racks, top and bottom, rather than having them swing through the tank on separate hooks.  Servi-Sure Master Frame’s offer many advantages:

  1. Easy Racking
  2. Consistent Anodizing
  3. Improved Electrical Conductivity
  4. Cost Savings
  5. Rack Interchangeability

Box Racks: Rigid frame box racks are most efficient in their utilization of your tank space. These titanium racks can be hung along the length of your tank or modified slightly to run the width of the tank.  Ask about Servi-Sure’s innovative Direct Access System which allows much easier adjustment by providing front access to a single bolt on each side.

Utility Racks: As the name suggests, these racks can do a lot of different things. And, in answer to the most frequent question we're asked, any of these racks can be modified to your specifications.

Disc Racks: Not all titanium disc racks are alike. If yours are stamped from a single sheet, many of the fingers are probably snapping off. That's because metal has a "grain" and when the spring fingers run against this grain, they quickly fatigue and break off.

The engineer who founded Servi-Sure developed an innovative way of fabricating a disc by forming and welding a ring of titanium to a support bracket. With Servi-Sure discs all fingers on a 360° arc run with the grain, increasing performance and longevity, saving you money.

Ask about Servi-Sure’s Fast-Lock Disc and Collar Assembly for easy, one-bolt adjustment.

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